• DAC (Pre-Owned)
  • DAC (Pre-Owned)
LampizatOr Golden Gate 3

DAC (Pre-Owned)

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The Gold Standard...

The LampizatOr Golden Gate 2 DAC represents the next generation of our universally praised Golden Gate DAC. This DAC expands upon the already over the top Golden Gate execution to add very meaningful upgrades including:

  • Redesigned PCM Engine
  • DSD 512 (8xDSD) Support
  • Auto-switching between formats
  • A revised power supply scheme
  • Revised tube heating scheme
  • Much improved volume control implementation
  • Custom boutique footers from STACORE
  • Proprietary AC filtration circuit
  • Revised grounding scheme

    And much, much more.

  • The improvements over the Generation 5 Golden Gate have been described as "profound" and "hallucinogenic" in nature.

    More detailed specifications:

    USB input up to 384K PCM (32 bit) and up to 256x DSD
    DSD engine 256x (auto sensing the 128x and 64x formats)
    PCM engine switchable manually, dual mono current DAC output, balanced chips
    RCA S/PDIF input up to 192/24
    In PCM mode auto-select all known file formats and speed and resolution, up to 24 bit 384 kHz. Optionally DSD-ONLY version without PCM at all.
    USB input plus RCA S/PDIF and one more digital input. (choose BNC, RCA, AES/EBU, Toslink)
    Jupiter Copper paper /Wax caps (USA) with Duelund Cast Silver bypass capacitors. (or equivalents)
    101D, 300B, 6A3, 45, 245, 345, PX-4 tubes can be used
    Mesh 5U4R EML MESH rectifier diode or similar equivalent like EML274B supplied
    Dimensions 430 mm W x 130 mm H x 500 mm D
    Black aluminum front panel
    SE analog outputs RCA
    115 or 230 V or dual voltage.