• Sink or Swim, 2022 (Poster)
  • Sink or Swim, 2022 (Poster)
Lawrence Calver

Sink or Swim, 2022 (Poster)


Exhibition poster for:

Lawrence Calver
‘Sink or Swim’
08/18 → 09/08 2022

Press release:

Simchowitz is pleased to present Sink or Swim, a solo exhibition of work by Lawrence Calver at Simchowitz DTLA, located at 725 East Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90021. We will have an opening reception on Thursday, August 18th from 11AM – 2PM with coffee service provided.

Lawrence Calver (b. 1992, Suffolk, UK) is an artist who uses found textiles to create compositions of varying fabrics to construct textural displays. His work employs textiles of varying wefts and weights to create new arrangements from old cloth.

Calver’s textural works are intended to highlight the history and culture of each found material while also establishing modern commentary through composition. Calver seeks to posture different fabrics from differing cultures in conversation with one another through utilizing combination and alteration. Cotton, wool, and linen fabrics are sewn and stretched in order to fashion refreshing compositions from a notoriously ancient practice, weaving. Calver’s curation of fabrics establishes a natural cross section in his work. Modernity and tradition; the mode of the works display, and the homage paid to the fabrics individual history. His compositions accentuate the fabrics natural properties and gestures, drawing attention to otherwise nuanced sections of remarkable material.

Calver’s artistic practice places an immense emphasis on the importance of process and sourcing of material. Whether Calver is taking a leisurely walk down Portobello Road or intentionally hunting for material, he remains open to the possibility that he might find fabric anywhere he goes. The nexus of Calver’s love of textiles can be traced to his deep fascination of the world of fashion and its evolving history. Calver’s formal education at The London College of Fashion has fostered this exploration of the medium’s vast potential, and catalyzed his production and execution of works.

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