• Dancing in a Black Hole, 2022 (Poster)
  • Dancing in a Black Hole, 2022 (Poster)
Elizabeth Ibarra

Dancing in a Black Hole, 2022 (Poster)


Exhibition poster for:

Elizabeth Ibarra
‘Dancing in a Black Hole’
03/12 → 04/02 2022
West Hollywood

Press release:




But I am in a black hole.
There’s nothing here.
But I am here.
In many pieces.
Soft air.
I am light.
I float freely.
I am empty.
I am oxygen.
I am peace.
I am silence.
Nothing holds me down.
I am being cleansed.
Born again.
I will cross the line.
My parts are coming back together anew
I am morphing into a creature I have never seen before.
I found me a new life in a black hole.
I am here in the unknown.
Waiting for you to jump in
Witness your arrival
I’ll give you my eyes, where all the light was placed.
My suns that will mirror your face.
That’s the only way we will know we exist.
Dance with me
I need you,
You need me.
I am you,
You are me.

— E. Ibarra 2/26/22

Dancing in a Black Hole opens on March 12, 2022, with an opening reception from 4pm - 6pm, and will run through April 2, 2022.

24h x 18w in