• Integrated Amplifier (Pre-Owned)
  • Integrated Amplifier (Pre-Owned)
Leben CS 600X

Integrated Amplifier (Pre-Owned)

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Behind the distinctively vintage styling of the Leben CS600X lies one of the most advanced modern tube amplifiers available. The push-pull CS600X integrated comes with a matched quad of EL34 output tubes as standard. Of course, different tubes have different sonic signatures, so Leben designed the CS600X with this in mind. The goal was to create a refined platform that supports a wide array of output tubes – flipping a couple of internal toggles will enable 6J6GC tubes, and the manual explains how to unlock everything from KT-88s to 6550As. Nuance is the hallmark of listening at this level, and there's arguably no integrated more configurable. The Leben CS600X is one of the finest, most understated, amplifiers you could aquire.

Tube Integrated Amplifier, 2-channel stereo
 Tube Complement
4x 6L6GC, 4x EL34, 4x 6CS7, 1 6CJ3 (SOVTEK)
 Output Power
32 wpc @ 1khz (6l6GC) / 28 wpc @ 1khz (EL34)
 Frequency Response
10hz - 100khz. (-0.1db)
 Input Sensitivity
900mv @ 20w
 Output Impedance
4/6/8/16 Ω (selectable)
IEC C14 power
17.75"W x 5.6"H x 14"D
49.6 lbs