• Suddenly, I will play my ace, 2024 (Poster)
  • Suddenly, I will play my ace, 2024 (Poster)
  • Suddenly, I will play my ace, 2024 (Poster)
Lily Ramirez

Suddenly, I will play my ace, 2024 (Poster)


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Simchowitz is pleased to present “Suddenly, I will play my ace,” program artist Lily Ramirez’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Join us for an opening reception on Saturday, January 13th from 6PM-8PM at Simchowitz DTLA (727 E. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90021 with parking located at 720 E. 18th St.). Introducing a new body of works on paper, Ramirez proffers an exploration of the human experience, delving into themes of family relationships, friendship, revenge, abandonment, and the underlying loneliness prevalent in our daily lives.

“Suddenly, I will play my ace” encapsulates Ramirez’s intimate connection to personal narratives, weaving a tapestry of emotions drawn from her experiences and interactions. “When I draw, I’m transported to moments spent in my room and my friends’ rooms, where we would sit on the bed and talk about life,” Ramirez shares. “It’s the feeling of coming back from a concert or show, or finding a sticker from a magazine from a local liquor store that someone gave you, a school love letter, or even a school hate letter—that carried so much significance.”

Throughout the exhibition, Ramirez invites viewers into the multifaceted chambers of adolescence—a blend of the older sister’s bedroom, the archetypal ‘cool girl’ bedroom, and the sanctuary of one’s bed, a silent witness to hours spent in tears. Each piece reflects the artist’s nuanced exploration of these spaces, mirroring the ceaseless dialogue that adults, parents, aunties, and uncles continuously engage in, highlighting the underlying problems that permeate their daily interactions.

Ramirez’s ability to encapsulate raw emotions within her art is palpable, as she evokes deep introspection and connection through her creative expressions. Her use of gestural mark making infuses personal narratives into her art in covert ways, a discrete codex for the intrigued observer. The artists’ use of language, poetry and prose, weaves the work together into familial formations, strings of sentences and songs, all humming in unison for those curious enough to seek what might be beneath the surface.

24h x 18w in